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View Survey Tools: Breakline Designer, Survey to Plan and Layout Tools AVI      Line work from descriptors, clean up a survey, export design data including horizontal and vertical alignments to different data collectors

View AVi showing how you can take survey shots of culverts and create 3d plines, rotate culvert ends, label in plan, draw and label on profile and section

View AVI for details on how to Create Civil 3D prototype drawing from LDD description keys and cogo block library (12mb download). or view instructions on how you can do it


  • create 3d polylines from Descriptors, with options for arcs, splines, and close figures
  • create 3d polylines from blocks, contours
  • Plot 3d polylines as a profile
  • Edit and View 3d polylines
  • create 3d polylines from blocks by selection
  • Plot 3d pline as a graph with distance and elevation at grade breaks
  • Label Grades of 3d Pline

    • Have extensions added to front of house
    • Label Sidewalks, Driveways and Ground Shots
    • Rotate Catch Basins to gutter
    • Rotate anchors, join to poles
    • Label Culverts
    • hatch areas based on survey code

    Map Tools

    • add the Northing, Easting and optionally Elevation to the object table of selected blocks
    • adds blocks and object tables at end points of selected lines, if the block does not exist.
    • add id of object data table of block at each end of pipe to object data table of pipe
    • add unique identifer to object data table
    • lines, plines and arcs will be broken at the selected blocks insertion point

    Migration Tools

    Pipeline Tools

    • Create report showing where alignments intersect parcels
    • parcel percentage report

      • Convert Text to Point block or AECC object
      • automatic Point Group Creation from Descriptions
      • Create a report that compares point elevation with DTM elevation 
      • Renumber AECC Points 
      • update elevations from current surface

        • Round off Bearings - to the nearest 5 seconds
        • Generate Lot Siting plans

          View AVI for details

        • Label areas by point or pline
        • Reverse direction of line
        • Draw plans - by inputting distances, radii and bearings, transforms from feet to meters
        • LAYOUT TOOLS

          Create native format files for Sokkia, Geodimeter, TDS, Leica, or Nikon for staking from:

          • Points, Blocks and plines
          • CL Stations at an offset by interval with critical points from the alignment and profile
          • Service Connections
          • Catch Basin Offsets
          • 2D or 3D Polylines with horizontal and vertical  Offsets
          • Pcodesor Slope Stakes  from Road design
          • Translate a Topcon FC6/GTS7 download file to an .FBK format file
          • Generate a report from the Sokia sdr cut fill file
          • Generate horizontal and vertical alignment files from LDD to Sokia, Leica, TDS or Geodimeter Roading programs format

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