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Site Tools


automate subdivison grading

Streets Tools

street network with 3d plines,
including curb returns;
cul-de-sacs and elbows

Many Areas

simplify earthwork volume calcs,
pond stage storage calcs
road ponding at CB

Survey Tools

Survey to plan

automate drawing cleanup

Layout Tools

Export alignments, profiles, pipe
data, drawing data to data
collector specific format

Breakline designer

create, draw and edit Featurelines and 3d plines

Pipe Tools


interface to Excel, Pipe Editor,
pipe depth report,
service connections,
pipe intereference, pipe Profiles

SWMM Tools

Easily export structures, pipes, areas and co-efficients to XPSWMM®, EPASWMM or PCSWMM®

HydraFLOW Tools

Import HydraFLOW design back
into Civil 3D

HydroCAD® Tools

Easily export areas and co-efficients to HydroCAD®

Road Tools

Alignment Tools

Draw tapers, alignment properties,
curve tables

Profile Tools

create multiple profiles, interactive profile design, automate profile labelling

Section Tools

Create, label and report

River Tools

transfering to HEC-RAS and
Import HEC-RAS design into C3D

Road Plan Tools

Daylight Lines on Cut Fill Layers,
3 line profiles